Boul•e•vard | noun
A bustling restaurant for breakfast and lunch.

Amidst the downtown scramble, on the edge of Fort Lauderdale’s Victoria Park neighborhood, you’ve found Boulevard. A place where you can dine confidently knowing that the food you are consuming has integrity.

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The perfect place for classic and creative dogs, hand-cut fries, and soft-serve ice cream.


At Rhythm & Vine delivers a memorable backyard party experience with a locally rooted #justchill vibe.

The Garden provides positive & fun energy to spend time with friends. Here you’ll find vintage décor, thrift-store-chic furnishings, large picnic tables & our vintage Airstream Bar.


If you’re looking for debauchery at its finest...then you’re in the right place & we’re glad you’re here.

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If you’re looking for debauchery at its finest...then you’re in the right place & we’re glad you’re here.

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Holly Blue

Coming Soon.

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This is the watering hole for bon vivants with a vision.

The venue offers a cool, relaxing, intoxicating space where you can escape with friends & get lost in a moment.


Fort Lauderdale

The second location for The Whole Enchilada Fresh Mexican Grill franchise. The property was once home to one of the first gas stations in Fort Lauderdale. A set of glass roll up garage doors allow for plenty of sunlight and cool breezes when the weather is right. This is your local taco shop that provides Fresh-Mex and good times.


Oakland Park

The real OG. This location has been keepin’ it fresh since 2006. Expect an eclectic vibe and hits of the 1990s playing just loud enough to keep things fun. This building is the true birthplace of the Fast Casual Fresh-Mex Menu that everyone knows and loves today.

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The Whole Enchilada Fresh Mexican Grill took on a new meaning with its first full liquor bar location to boast its Fresh-Mex awesomeness. Conveniently located on the exterior of the mall, which allows for easy access to locals and mall guests alike. Whether you're popping in for a quick taco on the run, grabbing food with the family after a soccer match, hosting a large corporate event or doing happy hour with friends, this space can accommodate The Whole Enchilada.

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Winter Garden

The founders made their way back to their hometown, where they used to ride bikes to get candy bars before all of the Tacos and Dreams stuff. Fresh-Mex awesomeness meets rooftop fun at the two-story building in the heart of Winter Garden, located on the lovely Plant Street. Overall the feeling is fresh, upbeat, and enticing - a beautiful addition to all that Plant Street has to offer.